The NDP made a number of announcements relating to health care throughout the week of September 18, ahead of the economic debate in Calgary. The New Democrats released a fiscal policy which can be found here. We’ve compiled their platform on the four issues we want to see tackled as we #Vote4Care this election:

National Prescription Drug Program

The New Democrats committed to working with the provinces to build a plan that supports universal comprehensive drug coverage. The NDP also committed to delivering $2.6 billion in new federal funding for universal drug coverage over the next four years, reaching $1.5 billion annually in 2019/2020. They estimate that their commitment to federal-provincial collaboration in bulk buying and price negotiations could save as much as 30% annually.

Safe Seniors Strategy

The New Democrats unveiled a plan to spend $1.8 billion over four years to help the provinces provide better care for seniors. The party said this funding could expand home care for 41,000 Canadians, add 5,000 nursing beds and improve palliative care. The party also pledged $40 million for an Alzheimer’s and dementia strategy.

Defending Public Funding and Delivery of Health Care

The NDP have pledged to support Canada’s public health care system, and promised to stop unilateral cuts to health care made by the current government.

National Health Human Resources Plan

The NDP has promised to invest $300 million to build 200 community health clinics across the country and provide $200 million in recruitment grants over four years, helping provinces hire 7,000 health care professionals, including nurses and nurse practitioners.