The Liberal Party unveiled a plan for health care as part of their Real Change platform on September 30. The announcement, called "Investing in health and home care" can be found online here. We’ve compiled their platform on the four issues we want to see tackled as we #Vote4Care this election:

National Prescription Drug Program

The Liberal Party promised to return to the table with the provinces to negotiate a new Health Accord. Their priorities for a new Health Accord include improving access and reducing costs to prescription drugs. However, there was no actual plan laid out to create a national prescription drug program.

Safe Seniors Strategy

The Liberals put much of their focus on seniors, committing to $3 billion in funding for home care over the next four years. Further, they committed to $20 billion in social infrastructure with a priority on investing in seniors facilities, including long-term care.

Defending Public Funding and Delivery of Health Care

The Liberals promised to return to the table with the provinces and develop a new Health Accord. They also expressed their belief that every Canadian deserves access to timely, publicly-funded health care.

National Health Human Resources Plan

The Liberal plan did not release details of an HHR strategy.