The Green Party of Canada released their platform on September 9. The full platform can be accessed online here. We’ve compiled their platform on the four issues we want to see tackled as we #Vote4Care this election:

National Prescription Drug Program

The Greens have committed to introducing a national prescription drug program that will save Canada up to $11 billion annually through buying in bulk. Canada is the only developed country in the world with universal health care that does not provide prescription drug coverage - the Greens have promised to correct this.

Safe Seniors Strategy

The Greens shared a plan for seniors, but the plan did not go into detail on offering support for increased funding to create greater opportunities for quality long-term care, palliative care and home care.

Defending Public Funding and Delivery of Health Care

As one of the key tenets of the Green Party’s focus on health care, they said they will defend single-payer universal health care. They also promised to bring all parties back to the table for a renewal of the Health Accord.

No commitment has been made to restore health transfer funding cuts or to commit to %25 federal funding.

National Health Human Resources Plan

The platform did not mention this issue.